First Annual MI QRP Picnic - 2013

Bruce,WB6NST and wife Virgie,Helene, W8MEG across from Bob, KB9IVA, and wife, Nancy granddaught Tess

KB8TXZ, KB8VMZ, K8NWD, K8SEW on table is Alex Loop


Need ID of antenna

AB8DF homebrew 17M Hex Beam

AC8W and KA8AMX...create your own caption. HW8 w/PS

Nice Paraset examples

KU8H Show n Tell DX60/HR10B

Michigan QRP Club banner

WQ8RP PSK31 Event Station

Drawing winner K8MEG - AB8DF in orange hat

Drawing winner KB8TXZ

Drawing winner KA8AMX

Drawing winner WA8PVD

Second place winner WK8S

First place winner KD8USP w/host W8XW
Family and friends at the 2013 First Annual Picnic at Bear Creek Park, Michigan. Those in attendance AB8DF, AC8W, K8MEG, K8NWD, K8SEW, K0ACP, KA8AMX, KB8TXZ, KB8VMZ, KB9IVA, KD8USP, KJ8O, W8MEG, W8XW, WA8PVD, and WK8S, plus several family members.

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