Membership is open to all licensed amateurs. Once membership is established you are a member for life. Meaning that you retain your MI QRP number and will not be reassigned to another person.

The initial joining fee for USA and DX is $12.00(US) to cover administration costs, a MI QRP Club patch, and one years subscription to the MIQRP Clup quarterly - The Five Watter. To continue to receive the quarterly requires annual renewal fee of $10.00.

Pay by Credit Card Through PayPal

New Member


Membership $10
Fee $2
Total $12

Pay by Credit Card Through PayPal

Membership Renewal

Past Calls      

Membership Renewal ($10)

Note!!! This process is currently set for a reoccuring payment!

You may cancel the reoccuring payment within your PayPal account.

For snail mail, select Application Form, print, complete form and mail to the address on the form. Make sure that you enclose the appropriate dues.

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